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Tillinghast ever considered using the pen name Le Castor, which is French for "beaver," or whether Mr. Tillinghast preferred to play not with the word but with something more substantial along those lines.Located 45 miles west of Scranton, the town is named for John La Porte, born in 1798 in Asylum, the haven for French aristocracy (see above).A few dozen American militiamen, outnumbered and hastily assembled against the British, met their maker in quick fashion in 1779.It took up to 43 years for widows, mostly from the area of Goshen NY, to make the hazardous 46-mile journey to the battlegrounds to retrieve the bones of their husbands. told his family he was going to take a powder, they took him at his word.The dates and faces do change, but the service-to-self mindset keeps rolling along, never satisfied with what it has, always insatiable for more.

This one's named for Italy's third-largest lake, located in the Lombardy region in the north-central part of the country.The local version of Lake Como is located southeast of Starrucca in the far-northeast corner of the commonwealth. Winola, whose named means "water lily," was a daughter of an Indian chief.Her involvement with a white captive brought dishonor, and once, while looking at her reflection in a lake, she saw an image of her father in war paint.Glenburn is a name suggested by the novels of Sir Walter Scott; Waverly is itself the title of a Scott work (Waverley). Isaac Tillinghast who used "La Plume" as the pen name for her various writings.A more correct term for "pen name" is the French phrase nom de plume (name of the feather/quill/pen), giving evidence of Mrs. Despite being the playful type (and given the illustrious history of Beaver County) it has yet to be established whether Mrs.

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