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He tries to paint masterpieces, but always ruins them at the last moment by going into a rage and painting a matador and bull over them. Pokeylope hostage and will kill him if she doesn't cooperate.A Large, incredibly fat critic who watches the (rather bad) plays in Gloria's Theatre from his balcony seat, heckling every performance while munching on popcorn.main villain of the game, and the administrator of Thorney Towers at the time of the game.While details on his past are scarce, he had apparently been hauled into another asylum for his depraved dentistry and escaped to the abandoned Thorney Towers, which he took over and used The Dragon to Dr. Was once an inmate under Fred's orderly station, but turned the tables by driving Fred mad by beating him at a game of Waterloo-O. A Cloudcuckoolander Conspiracy Theorist who once had a job as a department store guard, but was fired, resulting in him going crazy and burning down the store, and being taken into an asylum.

Chops is a nice, cool Canadian kid from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan who is into acoustic-guitar playing and a friend of J. He fears that their friendship would be short lived with Elka striking it up with J. Boy from a land called Russia where their bears are different.

A Brazilian party girl known as the Mental Minx, this sexy spy is known for both her levitation skills and being able to throw wild parties.

She's also a kind soul who loves working with kids. Son of a cobbler, this German superspy seems woefully mismatched with his partner, the obnoxiously colorful Milla Vodello.

This....let's just say it didn't do wonders for young Oleander's psychology.

He is the boss of the Meat Circus, and thus the final boss of the game.

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