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To provide an obvious distinction of Confederate graves, instead of a rounded top to the marble headstone, Confederate graves are pointed.

The common joke is that the Southern war veterans didn’t want “Yankee” soldiers to sit on the graves.

These Citizen and Civilian headstones mark the burial sites of poor freed men, women and children who were interred in Arlington National Cemetery at the government’s expense after the Civil War. MILITARY EMBLEMS The available emblems for use on military headstones are not limited to religious ones.

To keep with the aesthetic of overwhelming rows upon rows of white headstones, these replacement headstones are similar in appearance to the military headstones apart from the inscriptions. Pre World War I era headstones are inscribed differently.

The Air Force uses the head of the Statue of Liberty.

Medal of Honor recipients are eligible to have the insignia carved into their marker, underneath their name at the expense of the military.

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The design is an inverted star with Minerva in the center, surrounded by laurel and oak leaf clusters, and stars to represent the States.For Civil War and Spanish American War MOH recipients, the insignia is underneath the arch of the name.For those eligible individuals who are buried at sea, remains are donated to science, or cremated remains are scattered, there is an option for a memorial marker.For a version of all the religious emblems available to veterans, click here.The addition of a religious emblem is a personal choice and is not required.

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