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The background investigation and records checks for Secret and Top Secret security clearance are mandated by Presidential Executive Order (EO).The EO requires these procedures in order for a security clearance to be granted; the FBI does not have the ability to waive them.This type of clearance will most often be appropriate for law enforcement officers assigned to FBI Task Forces housed in FBI facilities.In addition to all the requirements at the Secret level, a background investigation, covering a 10-year time period, is required.Once favorably adjudicated for a Top Secret security clearance, the candidate will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.The scope of the investigation varies with the level of the clearance being sought.This is true of both Secret and Top Secret security clearances.It is the goal of the FBI to complete the processing for Secret security clearances within 45 to 60 days, once a completed application is submitted.

This brochure describes when security clearances are necessary and the notable differences between clearance levels.This program was initiated to brief officials with an established "need-to-know" on classified information that would or could affect their area of jurisdiction.Most information needed by state or local law enforcement can be shared at an unclassified level.Additionally, interviews will be conducted of persons who know the candidate, and of any spouse divorced within the past ten years.Additional interviews will be conducted, as needed, to resolve any inconsistencies.

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