Dating games for youth ministry

The more you grow in your love for Christ, the more you will want to worship, serve, and obey Him. You can make yourself available to him by simply saying, “If you asked me out, I’d say YES!

The Dating Game series will help students explore God's Word and apply biblical and practical advice to help them master the dating game.See instructions for this get to know you game » A funny one to play with a fairly confident group of people as it involves taking off a shoe, picking up another shoe and finding the owner.It also might be wise to choose to play this one when the weather is cooler to avoid stinky shoe situations! Attraction: Be attracted to godly opposite sex only. Relationships aren’t about dating, but relationships are about marriage. The best way to be more attracted to a godly person of the opposite sex is to love Jesus more. Start thinking through if you really want to be with this person.

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