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This invaluable record of North-East farm practice, is described in his book, ‘Wirds an Work ’e Seasons Roon’, published in 1987. Of farming stock, Mrs Garry was brought up at Mains of Auchmunziel, New Deer.Trained as a teacher, (she taught at Dumfries and Strichen, married R.

As well as having what appears to be total recall, Smith had a keen ear, which discerned the differences between the Doric of Kincardineshire and that of Buchan and Banff. This is the pen-name of John Reid (1913- ) born at Rathen in Buchan, the son of a farm-worker.Just as in botany or zoology plants or animals become isolated and change till only the expert can recognise the relationship between them and the other members of their family, so in language the changes are often so great that it has required in modern times long and laborious investigation to prove any connexion at all.For long the relationship of the Germanic peoples in the matter of language to other peoples was concealed by various strange changes that had taken place in their dialects.Greek and Latin and other languages agreed in using for There were a great many other changes of this kind.Large numbers of examples of these changes began to be collected about a hundred years ago, and a general statement was drawn up about them in 1822 by a great German scholar, called Grimm, and for this reason this statement has always since been called in this country " Grimm's Law."Why did these people make these curious changes in their language? We may be quite sure that they were not conscious of making them.

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