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Industrial production plummeted; according to Tichotsky, of all Soviet regions only Kamchatka experienced a greater decline.Personal income dropped as well, and the average life expectancy slipped by three years.Such a declaration had little significance, but during the rest of the decade Sakha did achieve an unaccustomed degree of political and economic autonomy.By the late 1990s, John Tichotsky could write that, “In the area of regional sovereignty, Sakha is the leader among all of Russia’s political units” (p. The post-Soviet transition also brought major economic changes.This trend continues: according to the 2002 census, the Sakha then numbered 432,290, constituting 45.5 percent of the republic’s population; in 2010, they totaled 466,492, coming in at 49.9 percent.Other indigenous ethnic groups also expanded in the same period; the Evenks, for example, increased from 18,232 to 21,008 and the Yukaghirs from 1,097 to 1,281.

Although the Sakha population increased during the post-Soviet period, most rural areas of the republic witnessed significant declines during the same period.

Driven mainly by diamond mining, the republic matched and then surpassed its previous level of economic output.

In 1995, almost half of its industrial production derived from diamond mining.

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