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It’s like grinding a mirror if you’re going to make an astronomical telescope.

But it does at least suggest it’s…something…in the brain…that goes through the normal perceptual process?

So rather than becoming Saint Ignatius of Loyola, you wound up as acid-crazed Bill. It’s the same as the Stoics and it’s the same as the mystics and it’s the same as Nietzsche, just another perspective. And then you come back down and try and tell people about it in language, and you wind up building a model that you use to communicate. Does “scientifically minded, religiously tolerant people come back and say it’s all science, and also all religions are one” give us a better framework than “Christian people come back and say it’s all Christ”?

I’ve got this mythology of the Universe, and it’s all to do with Spiral Dynamics. One possible escape from total relativism: forget about whatever’s on the other side of enlightenment.

Except that realistically if you see a rhinoceros the sense-data will be in your brain and go through the normal perceptual process, but that doesn’t mean a rhinoceros is just brain activity. So John Dee for those who are not overly read, was Queen Elizabeth the First’s court magician.

Except that nobody was claiming that your perception of a rhinoceros is actually more fundamental than ordinary brain activity, and some people do claim that about enlightenment, so maybe this is telling us it isn’t? Other interesting excerpts from Gupta: Every tradition that has enlightened people has stories of wizards. John Dee has one essential claim to fame, which is that he invented the concept of the British Empire.

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