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I believe the first 4 sites are all spawned by a single entry - I think you should also be extra careful searching anyone from these web sites: I know for sure that the SBU have questioned her but I'm not sure they did anything with her except maybe tell her to not do it again.

Here are some of the sites still carrying her posts. we get a couple of more complaints then maybe we have a much stronger legal case against them. have current pictures, email address, and letters from Tatiana and you are more then welcome to them.

She said that perhaps you are internet player and she doesnt want to happen with me anything.

I am very worry about my travel to you because my own sister dont believe you.

Don't waste your money and precious time for this scammer, or worse yet risking contracting some venereal diseases. When I read horoscope, I find so much in common with my character. Steven Iam writing to confirm that this women is a scam artist,and forewarn anyone whom might be in correspondence with her.

a=profile_view&form[id]=1948 This woman is truly sick at her young age. I adore spring, I can compare this kind of season with a beautiful woman, who gives harmony and piece. If I can get two more individuals to step forward then for sure we will have enough of a case against International and Tatiana and maybe pave the way to clean up the city, known as the City of Scammers, Lugansk.

Her first attempt for money was January 22, She said it was customary in Russia to give a gift to a brother or cousin who helps you with a favor.

single with out children and have never been married. I listed my profile through Elenas models, She contacted me first on December 28 2002. her full info: Anna Ivanova Vladimirova Karaganda Str. She wrote back that it was a special mobile phone and that she did not need the money, it was only symbolic to show her relatives that I was not an internet player. Her second attempt came in the same letter, She wanted to send me 0 USD by western union at a certain time for 15 minutes and have me send it right back to show her relatives I was honorable. This is the scam, If she sent me 0 USD it would be in Russian Rubles. If I sent her 0 USD it would be in our currency, The exchange rate is 33 to 1.

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