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Manic pixie dream girls are easily distinguishable from others by their outgoing personality.Oftentimes, you wouldn’t need to seek them out because they’ll make themselves known by standing out with their sheer friendliness.First meetings are never a problem because she’s the type to initiate small talk with a big, cheerful “good morning.” And she’s never one to turn down an invitation for drinks, hang outs, or late night shenanigans when time allows.However, there are moments that she seeks solace and alone time.

You’ll get a hint from the first look because she’ll pique your curiosity.

Due to her lasting influence on the movie-goer’s consciousness, the manic pixie dream girl has found its way into our plane of reality as a persona for girls who identify themselves as such.

#1 She’s acts extroverted but is secretly an introvert.

The manic pixie dream girl is capable of giving that “f*ck you” attitude and can disappear off your sight if you offend or mistreat her in any way.

She is a rebel against social constructs, and you need to be careful to give her the credit and respect all women deserve.

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