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Every kind of foul up conceivable to your imagination with every 90 day order.Web site changes, non filled /lost orders, calls to authorize credit card payment,orders ready to be picked up, instead of being mailed as requested, etc,etc.

They could wear them all the time or at the very least, on the special Veteran Holidays to distinguish them.they let people walk out all day and night with Hundreds of dollars in merchandise but they let good employees go over a dollar which her first assistant and all of her co workers try to let them know it wasn’t intentional and was gonna take care of the situation but Wasnt even offered too they told them they it was none of their business .But yet they were my boss and wasn’t even notified of the situation in the beginning . Lately myself and coworkers of mine have been dealing with the issue of under staffing and poor management.By the 1960s, there were two dozen locations in Western Michigan.In 1962, the first modern layout “supercenter” design was opened in Grand Rapids.

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