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Dar vienas privalumas laukia tų, kurie naudos tik natūralias kosmetikos priemones.

Jų gausu įvairiuose aliejuose, kremuose, serumuose ir t.t.

Tuo tarpu nenatūrali kosmetika savo sudėtyje turės konservantų, parafino, lakiųjų silikonų, o tai nėra naudinga nei sveikatai, nei grožiui.

Catherine is glaring at her former lover, the Polish king Stanisław August Poniatowski, and (in some variants of the engraving) Frederick is pointing to Danzig with a sword (although Prussia acquired the territories around it, Gdańsk still remained with the Commonwealth).

The inner figure on the right is the Habsburg Emperor Joseph II.

On his left is the beleaguered Stanisław August Poniatowski, who (in some variants of the engraving) is experiencing difficulty keeping his crown on his head, and in another, has already lost it.

There are at least four variants of this drawing, most common in the form of an engraving, but also as at least one colorpainting; the original was likely drawn by Jean-Michel Moreau le Jeune and engraved by Nicolas Noël Le Mire .

The Troelfth Cake shows the rulers of the three countries that participated in the partition tearing apart a map of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

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Above the scene is Pheme (with manifestos from the partitioning powers in the German variant).

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