Dating pierce watches

I know the feeling of having a nice watch that you can get a part for or get repaired.

Bill Hi, I thought I'd post photos of the very nice Pierce chrono that I had, I paid around 0 for it.

Look at one closely.....there's all that shit on top just to get at the watch part.

Lots of things to bend or oil when they should be dry.

Military watches were not designed to last a long time so they got away with a plated case.

I've seen really nice Baylor watches made with plated cases, yet look at the Baylor watches made by Heuer; all nice steel cases.

Those crooks did me a favor and it's probably not running today.

Yes friends my collection of these fabulous issued Pierce chronos is on my watchmakers for more than one year and he hasnt started yet. IMO, they are not certainly high end, but are as reliable as most, and far more interesting.

The usual Pierce chronograph problem is the wearing out of the leather 'clutch plate' material housed in the 'donut'.

Pierce will almost always be in a beat up plated case, even the best of their WP watches would rarely have a steel case. From the foregoing discussion, I guess I was real lucky w/ "my" Pierce chrono.

This sends a message that they don't value their brand enough to make a really quality watch. About a year ago, I got a really nice one ( w/ up/down subdials) off the 'bay for around 0.

but the servicemen I served with that had been in Korea said that those folks would "Steal a radio and leave the music".

I've owned several Pierce timepieces in fact dozens. If I found a nice condition Pierce at a flea market, I would buy it in an instant. You are right about a lack of honesty here.....I guess I'm luck they stole the watch and I got my money back.

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Its an unusual movement so its not the most attractive job. The complications are not conventional, but they are straightforward and relatively easy to understand. The parts availability problem is no worse than most branded watches in current production.

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