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Planning a wedding is a massive organizational task that can morph into a nightmare if you're not one of those Type-As carrying 'round a clipboard.

Lady Marry is there for the rest of us (and not just women either!

There are several different ways to win tokens to bet on the different stages, so it is easy to play without interruptions.

A well-designed wedding planner focused on efficiency.

You have a set number of shots that you can increase when you catch leaves and as the game progresses, more features will be included such as climbing up, magnets….

Swing your arms and start beating down your opponents.

Instead of throwing punches and kicks, it’s time to throw that deadly object right in your hands.

In Fling Fighters for the i OS and Android, you’ll conquer tournaments across different islands.

A minimalist trajectory app that shouldn't be as addictive as it is..

In FMK Game, a game definitely not made for children, you’ll have three options after viewing three separate profile photos: frolic with the person, marry them, or just straight up kill them.

After logging in with your Facebook account, you’ll decide in what order to a….

Color Fling tests your eyesight and muscle coordination. At the top of the screen, you’ll see the character along with the color. Full dating profiles, lots of photos, and an innovative matching system.

If any app can change your life, it's Ok Cupid Dating.

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