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This ad is not real helpful but it is a start: And take a look at this '69. But lo and behold, I flipped to the 1999 catalog, and up pops your bike, to a "T." I was really fooled! That tires would hae been ok but it cracked from the wieght Shame as thats an epense...

Looking at your decals, style and placement, along with the chrome cap on the top of the fork, these look more similar. Sorry bout typos day 3 & only 3 hours sleep Guess for the cost of parts its ok I'll be ok with it as long as I like the way it rides & it doesn't look like it came from a dump & if someone snatches it least its not a 0 bike...

Front hub has a label says Formula FM11 crank has come number after it Best thing is most of the brown encrusted portions scrape off most of it is not rust its a residue like I dont know what like crud oil funny as seat it browned & has riased impressions looked like some sort of lizard skin Guess it got spray or its red mud Well htats good as its not a bad bike for a reproduction the bike has qality it just weighs a ton!!!!! Back has a shimano CB-F110 Japan crank nut BC 089 -28T Nut to loosen bars has a 88 Both tires are Schwinn front one made in taiwan back has cracked walls as he let the kids ride the bike with a flat tire.

Thanks for any & all advice I guess maybe this bike was meant to be How would it look with a purple seat handle bars & chain guard...

however everything i've read says that 60s-1979 chicago-built schwinns use this serial code. first three numbers give the number of the day, and the last is the year I believe. The decade is left up to the reader, but equipment and paint colors etc usually are a dead giveaway.,,,, BD The headbadge is on the front of the bike where it says Schwinn.

but see the chicago serials all seem to stop at q (1979), so i'm extrapolating that r would be 1980.

Interesting to have then side by side also the weld or whatever joints are smooth these days it looks like the welder used a spatula to smooth the edges...really coarse!

OOoh those banann seats sitting back like you were on a chopper I loved them so I got one to beat up!

Its not a collectors bike as its not rare & the condition is below what most of them should be for 10 year old bikes Here it is together Had only an hour with it today as had to go to the hardwar to get it some new nuts that weren't stripped & I sprung for bolts too... invested & some lith grease to make them easier to get on n off Thanks everyone for the help Gos I felt so bad didn't sleep you think I lost my whole life savings but truth is I'm really poor & didn't need the new rust bucket but I am getting some weird joy out of bringing it back to life!

Good eye for detail, yes I do see mt cg wraps around more than the vintage...

The seat is all cracked worst part needs cover Luckily most of what looks like rust is scraping to shiny metal except for some areas on the srims.

I'll post pics I haven't slept on 2 days this is 3 My sting ray purple or fast back whatever had purple seat & tall bars on back & it was so nice when I got it mid 70's used so it was older think we did pay fo it & thats was alot in the 70...

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