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Yes, third dates does eliminate the stresses and anxiety that comes with not really knowing the other person but don't be fooled, third dates still will have its hang-ups if you are not careful.Sometimes it is up to the women to take the lead, and it isn't that easy at all either ways.

You can make him a homemade meal, or just rent a movie you both agree on and snuggle up next to each other on the sofa.

You might even want to invite some of his friends along or your friends to form a team and help engage in a little competition. If you go overboard accidentally get drunk, you might just end up with a serious hangover, lying next to him in bed the next morning, and both of you will probably have no recollection of what happened; this could potentially end something that was destined to be great.

First dates are to be enjoyed as it is that time prior to starting a relationship where you get plenty room and time to freely express yourself. The point with this is to go out, find a warm and inviting spot, taste some fine drinks (perhaps a cup of coffee), have a fun chat and see where the conversation takes you.

You already know the basics about your date so there should be a low risks of surprises.

You should plan to have fun, so if you're the kind of woman who loves sports as much as he does, than take it to your advantage.

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