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He then effortlessly turns the material into a hilarious, interactive... The topics are mostly personal, romantic, parental, social, cultural and moderately political. A BBC comedy script Writer in Scotland, who wrote for other comedians, such as the Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson.Sid Davis is one of the nations up and coming corporate comics. Oh, and there will be jokes about the cultural changes in our attitudes toward sex from back then (it didn't exist) to now (it's everywhere.) How do we deal with it all!? In April 2018 he was booked by a Nashville agent, to open for the world famous multiple Grammy winning,"Gatlin Brothers" Band.He performed a tight 40 minute set to thunderous applause from a... Willett (TEDx/ NSA/ SAG-AFTRA) will inspire your organization to not only think outside the box... "Game Changing" ideas, unplanned collaborations, creative plans, and cultures of innovation lie outside the box...Are you ready to take thinking outside the box to the next level?Here is what the CEO of the Denny's Restaurant chain said about Rick after his...PROFESSIONAL MISBEHAVER RICK LEWIS is a 50 year old man who rides a 12 foot high unicycle, is the World's Funniest Waiter, and is the author of the book, "7 RULES YOU WERE BORN TO BREAK".Below is a list of people by last name in alphabetical order who show residency in Elliston, VA.

He works closely with you to gather information about your company or organization as well as key individuals within your group. SID DAVIS IS FUNNY AND ENGAGING He tell stories that are related to being a person making their way as a parent or a kid. SID DAVIS IS SAFE There is no politics, preaching or vulgarity; however he does not put on a milk and cookies show. I deal with how the country has changed from when I was a teen in the 50's to now. Satisfaction guaranteed Born and raised in Scotland, Mick has a wee bit of accent, so he really does talk funny.

Each show is custom fit to the company or organization by gathering information prior to the performance to create that personal feel. PROFESSIONAL MISBEHAVER RICK LEWIS is a 50 year old man who rides a 12 foot high unicycle, is the World's Funniest Waiter, and is the author of the book, "7 RULES YOU WERE BORN TO BREAK".

If you're looking for an absolutely unique way to bring a group of people together with clean wholesome laughter and fun, and to inspire them to excellence as individuals or as a group, Rick Lewis is exactly what you need.

That’s just the way things were, and cracking open the White Pages was quite simply the only way t...

Worried About Stalkers and Felons on the Dating Scene? Chris Boyle NEW YORK – Starting a new relationship with someone can sometimes be a stressful affair, especially as you go through the dreaded “break-in” period of getting to know the real person you’re involved with once enough comfort has seeped in where they’re no longer on their best behavior.

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Sometimes you will discover that you’re actually dating quite...

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