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You bet your ass you'd be projecting a lot more confidence.

You'd be able to avoid many of the traps and challenges traditional dating burdens us with.

Listen to my audio CDs, and you'll learn a whole new way of succeeding with women.

The first thing I'll teach is is how to develop and attractive identity.

In seminar 5, I will go over a short outline of this technique. When you become a true master of attraction and seduction, you might find that it raises more questions than it answers. " "Should I have sex with as many women as possible? There are tales of my skill circulating all over the internet from former students. Before becoming a dating coach, I spent 10 years being a social worker, basketball coach, and teacher.

" "What is the basis for our cultures moral directives on relationships? There is not one single negative review of any of my programs anywhere. I've worked with disadvantaged urban teens, the elderly, mentally disabled people, and many other challenging groups. I'm currently getting orders from all over the world, but they are not heavily concentrated in any one country. While everyone else is busy burning out the same outdated techniques, you can get on the CUTTING EDGE. Store IDC=STR9206190350&Sku IDC=SKU33461019580&pc=) 12 CDs and Shocker e Book [Starter Kit-]( Info.aspx?

Why bother with phone numbers and dates when you can get down to business right away?I'll also teach some of my top secret advanced sexual techniques.These are things I've learned from lesbians, nymphomaniacs, and some of the top seducers in the world.Email me at [[email protected]](/../Desktop/[email protected]? PHPSESSID=c01e1afee0849b80d0a7c1c8e67d5c2f) Music City TV - Nashville's Entertainment News Source - Brad Schmitt - WKRN Will Smith: Scientology & Bible are Almost Identical David Beckham Nearly Nude Photo Shoot |The Ottawa Fringe Festival The end of the skinny tie dynasty? Only 45% of Ukrainian and Russian women end up finding a husband in their countries.

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Having an attractive identity is the basis for all interaction with women.

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