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De Angelo implores men to become successful by taking charge and shifting the balance of power from women to themselves.

De Angelo often uses simplified terms in his material to describe both "incorrect" and "desired" male behavior.

What’s your definition of cheating in a serious relationship?

The Perks of Dating a Single Woman Looks Aren't Everything...

Status: a perception of how important a person is to society.

De Angelo believes that most of status is determined by a man's actions, and that men should learn to communicate higher status as a means of attracting women.

Some of these include: The Inner Wuss: a character trait of men developed through time that causes them to become submissive around women in order for them to get the women's approval.

Examples of such behavior include teasing a woman offhandedly and refusing to compliment her appearance.Emulate the Successful: De Angelo encourages the following and emulation of those successful with women.Interviews with those very successful (who have usually changed their dating lifes completely) are available for purchase.While some define the term as being happy with one's life and circumstances, De Angelo uses it more often to describe those who may not be completely happy with their lives but are not rattled by unfortunate events and women's "tests".Cocky and funny: describes a technique that involves making socially inappropriate, arrogant and humorous comments at certain times in a conversation.

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