Detecting art forgeries radioactive dating

The chemicals exposed in these drugs in the US from the Japanese nuclear reactors is a threat to the lives of thousands of US citizens and shows that the use of Nuclear Chemistry is interfering with prescription drugs which displays one of the negative effects of Nuclear Chemistry.Another and terrible downside to this type of chemistry is how nuclear chemists are being used in the world to make a large amount of deadly nuclear weapons capable of killing areas with large populations of people.

Nuclear chemistry is the branch of chemistry concerned with nuclear reactions, radioactive substances and is the study of the chemical and physical properties of elements when influenced by changes in structure of the atomic nucleus.

See the “Teller-Ulam Two-stage Thermonuclear Bomb” articles diagram below at the end of the paragraph.

Not only does this article prove that major conflict between countries in the world arises from the production of nuclear weapons, but it also prove how harmful it is to the stratosphere and the environment which is why the only way to stop this problem is to just get rid of and stop the production of these weapons.

The significance and what nuclear chemistry involves all plays a role on how it is significant to the entire world.

Overall nuclear chemistry is an interesting type of chemistry used more and more often in modern times with mind blowing facts on its origins, positive and negative effects on the world and how it functions or is put to use in today’s society.

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