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If she opened the full message, you will get a little note at the bottom of the text, “Seen”.

I usually don’t bother double texting unless they’ve responded at least a couple times.

I was also very disappointed in myself for saying “lol”.

Sometimes I swing too soon and go for the number before she’s ready to give it out.

Just remember that any form of online game whether through dating apps or through social media should never be your only source of dates.

Instagram can be a decent way to tap into those elusive 9s and 10s that are overwhelmed on Tinder and never match with you because you get lost in the shuffle.

The recent Instagram update has made it extremely quick and easy to switch between two separate accounts. If you wonder why we don’t hear more about celebrities taking advantage of apps like Tinder and Bumble, it’s because they’re too busy fucking their followers on Instagram.

I like rap because most rappers tell it like it is.

You can go around and follow 100 girls in an attempt to get them to follow you back but your conversion rate on this will be low.Follow these four updated steps and you will be well on your way to learning how to meet girls on Instagram and making it a never-ending source of phone numbers, dates, and bangs.I would advise to keep your pictures public and don’t even bother following the girl until you get her number.It’s best to not follow the girls you message until she’s at least being somewhat responsive.If you get her number and chat a bit then you can reward her with a follow and this also works as a good way to spark up the conversation later on. Tag the city, the neighborhood, the country, and whatever dumb popular quote that people are saying at the time like “#viewsfromthe6’ or whatever Drake tells you is cool. This is arguably just as important as your pictures, if not more so.

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You can still do those things, but I wouldn’t advise it.

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