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'There are gangsters here, guys from prisons with machetes and cudgels who don't want to be found or photographed.

Put the camera away.'We crossed a polluted river that was swarming with clouds of flies and mosquitoes and reeked of human excrement and urine.

Stamped clearly on the monitors in blue lettering is the name of the previous owner: Thames Gateway NHS Trust.

Worse still, confidential information about British patients is turning up on these old computers.

As we drew nearer, my right eye began to prickle oddly, then it became harder to draw breath.Thames Gateway NHS Trust computers found at the site He takes us past the whimpering boy into the lawless heart of the dump.'The fight was nothing,' he says, as he limps along among the broken glass and jagged metal in flip-flops.'It's dangerous.'The desperate situation here is part of a pattern all over the globe - First World nations dump their electronic rubbish on developing countries, poisoning communities, polluting water sources and causing birth defects, mental retardation and, ultimately, death.This is happening in India, Pakistan, China and other parts of Africa.

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The air is poisoned, thick with the highly toxic burning lead and plastics. Scampering over these mounds of decaying computers are red-eyed gangs of wild, young boys in rags with names such as Schoolboy and Blackie.

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