Duggar dating rules full episode

But magazines and other media are strictly forbidden.

We guess the Duggars will never find out what the world thinks about their "rules." 11 Huge TLC Scandals the Network Hopes You Forgot About A Guide to All the Duggar Kids' Weddings, Engagements, and Courtships What Religion Are the Duggars?

(Photo Credit: Instagram) In 2015, it was revealed that Jill Duggar, a practicing midwife, was banned from helping out a family friend who was giving birth out of wedlock.

The woman was Susanna Keller, Anna Duggar's sister.

(Photo Credit: TLC) The Duggars are huge fans of side hugs.

Fortunately, many of the older Duggar kids have started breaking the rules.Instead, they wear full-body swimsuits by Wholesome Wear that are guaranteed to protect them from sinful eyes.“The reason why we wear modest swimwear is we always want to be modest," Jana Duggar explained on (Photo Credit: Getty Images) After oldest son Josh Duggar was caught molesting two of his sisters, parents Jim Bob and Michelle put "safeguards" in place to avoid any more inappropriate behavior between siblings.According to the Duggar Family Fan Blog, Jim Bob and Michelle have actually been friends with Nathan's parents, Gil and Kelly Bates, for more than two decades, and now, it seems that the internet has decided it is high time for a Duggar-Bates wedding: in a reddit thread Thursday, fans of the Duggars sized up Nathan as a potential husband for Jana, and though there were some reservations, fans still seemed to ship the idea overall.As far as prospective husbands go, Nathan Bates doesn't exactly seem like a bad choice for Jana.

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