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That was the final straw, and another wave of panic washed through my body.

Obviously, I had no problem with blood in and of itself – I would have no place in the medical field if I did.

I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only resident who weighed over one hundred and fifty pounds. I guess it was hard to miss the hustle and the alarms when someone stopped breathing on the operating table.“Was that the first time you’ve seen someone die during an operation? “It was good to meet you.”“You too,” Lori said over her shoulder, with the most genuine smile I’d seen since I’d moved here.As an Emergency Medicine intern, I had very little experience with operating room procedures – at least not practical experience.Sure, I’d observed a number of surgeries during medical school and a few emergency surgeries in the ER since I’d been here.Right now though, I was just trying to focus on standing without shaking, which didn’t seem like a feat I could handle at the moment.I heard the door of the bathroom open, and a cute girl with gorgeous seemingly pore-less caramel skin and short curly hair walked in.

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I had always known that death was something I would need to get used to as an ER doctor, but this, as my very first experience, had been jarring.

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