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As she burrowed deeper into her mind, the person she saw in her thoughts grew more important than her real-life presentation.In high school, Eve created her first email account.

This growing visibility fuels her desire for both community and the possibility of freedom — freedom from the feeling that she’s a fraud for being a trans woman without any physical manifestation of her womanhood, and freedom from the gender she’s perceived to be, but Eve’s fundamentally alienated from.“It was super valuable in terms of making me realize that other people I went to school with were having the same kinds of identity dilemmas that I was having,” Eve told me.But at the time, she kept her feelings of dysphoria to herself.So I just put the word into the card-catalogue…”She pulled every book from the shelf that came up under transsexual.“And I thought to myself, finally, I’ve found something that describes what I am.”Eve began to see herself as a girl in her imagination, wishing she could experience what it would be like to swap bodies with a woman, like in .

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