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We went out for a corporate meeting over lunch at this establishment and i have a food allergy and requested for the ONLY GLUTEN FREE PASTA on the menu.Once we received our food i asked the waiter Calvin twice was the pasta Gluten Free he then stated yes it is.Reply OLIVE GARDEN IN HICKORY, NC HAS A VERY DISHONEST EMPLOYEE (THIEF)!!!!!!10 of us went to celebrate my sons college graduation on 5/11/18.

We had been told that everyone would be informed of the cards & be on the search for them. I told him I would search it, but he said that I could not do that, because if I got hurt they would be liable. Saw a man dumping trash, so I got out and asked him if that had already been gone through.He then went to yell at another waiter in front of me who was not even MY WAITER I then proceeded to stop him and explain to him it was not that gentleman but it was the waiter Calvin who messed up my order.He then stated he was going to talk to Calvin and he also brought out the kitchen manager Rebecca and she came out and described a slender pasta which would have been the Gluten Free one and I told her no the gave me the thicker pasta.Question 1: What is the phone number for Olive Garden? This was a second chance we gave the Olive Garden, as the prior year we were missing the lemonade in a large To Go order.Answer 1: The phone number for Olive Garden is (407) 245-4000. I would suggest having the employees go through a checklist with the customer before they leave the restaurant.

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