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The New York City Clerk started issuing Marriage Licenses and performing civil marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples on July 24, 2011.

Can we get married in New York City even if we don’t live there? Couples who reside in New York or in another state or country are welcome to marry here.

The following types of identification are acceptable: • IDNYC• Driver's license, non-driver identification card, or learner's permit, with photograph, from any state or United States territory;• Active United States Military Identification Card;• Valid passport;• United States Certificate of Naturalization (less than ten years old);• United States Alien Registration Card; or• United States Employment Authorization Card.

The City Clerk’s fee for a Marriage License is , with an additional fee of for your civil marriage ceremony (see more below).

Very simply, how can we get married in New York City?

Listed below are the general steps and rules of the marriage process: • You can submit an application for a Marriage License to the City Clerk via City Clerk Online.

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However, beginning the application process online does not, in any way, guarantee preferential treatment once you appear at the City Clerk's office.

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