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She has a great love and appreciation for her family, Elisabeth Elliot, kittens, and donuts. Instead, I got a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.I was never the girl who dreamed about getting married.In that moment, I realized that all I wanted was to be married and to start a family.The wife and mom job description was suddenly sounding better than any job my diploma could earn me.Katelynn Luedke graduated with a degree in political science and works as a middle school teacher in Jacksonville, Florida.She has a great love and appreciation for her family, Elisabeth Elliot, kittens, and donuts.So began my battle with discontentment and loneliness. For a year and a half our friendship grew deeper, and it seemed like we were headed toward a serious relationship.I began to hope in him, believing that he was the realization of my new desires.

One morning, I scrolled across a post that yet another friend had gotten engaged. They were there because I wished was posting about my engagement, and not her.That when a life is devoted to the service of a holy God, there is joy.That when there is joy found in the presence of a holy God, service will overflow.Our collection of unique gifts for men has that special something that says thank you, congratulations, or I love you to dads, grads, brothers, friends, and all the other important guys in your life. It’s no mistake that at The Art of Charm we’re not really huge fans of using material goods to impress women. Second of all, it’s probably not going to work in a sustainable way.

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