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Girls who enter puberty later generally had fathers who were active participants in care-giving; had fathers who were supportive to the girls' mothers; and had positive relationships with their mothers.But it's the fathers' involvement, rather than the mothers', which seems to be paramount to the age of the girls' development.Giving some guys this level of authority is inviting possible abuse.Here are some signs that a father figure type of date may not be a good thing. No matter how you try to please your man, he still tries to find something about you to criticize. It may be the little things such as saying the clothes you wear are not good on you.Girls who had close, positive relationships with their parents during the first five years of life tended to experience relatively late puberty, compared to girls who had more distant relationships with their parents.More specifically, the researchers found that the quality of fathers' involvement with daughters was the most important feature of the early family environment in relation to the timing of the daughters' puberty.

Whether it is financial or where to go on the next vacation, father figures always need to have the final decision. Many extreme father figure types also has to have control over what keep the relationship going. Some women are forced to follow them without question.

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Girls with close, supportive relationships with their parents tend to develop later, while girls with cold or distant relationships with their parents develop at an earlier age.

When we are attracted to people because of superficial or demographic characteristics, we run the risk of ignoring their personality, emotional stability, and behavior.

While attraction is very important, as you relate to a person, focus on how they treat, respect, listen, support, and interact with you.

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