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Do you feel these websites cut through the clutter?

Hand drawn type is used effectively on the Dropr website – something not usually seen on a technology-based service.

Typography is used to encourage the visitor to enact and download this animators reel.

Unfortunately the site is not available live, but you can see the concept up close on Behance.

Creative Payne uses a mixture of typographic styles to tell visitors who they are, where they’re from, and what services they offer.

The website for this designer, Vince Angeloni, uses a call-out treatment similar to a flyer to encourage the visitor to pursue his services.

Through the use of clear and powerful copy, these websites are meant to catch your attention and captivate an audience.Bold, clean typography gives the user a glimpse of what this design studio has to offer.Through the use of both the designers illustration/self-portrait and headline, the visitor is given some genuine insight into the creator’s personality.What are some unique visual or written tactics you use to make your website stand out? As a bonus, we also found this cool copywriting tips for beginners video, that will help you even more with headline creation!!Good luck – what was the one tip, lesson you took away from this guide?

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The headline used on the Carsonified website gives you a glimpse into the companies values and practices. based designer Ben Darby uses simple text to note his location and hobbies.

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