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The two however got back together and announced their engagement in 2013. Plastic surgery has become the answer for many celebrities who want to enhance their looks.This is probably because they spend most of their time in the lime light and therefore feel the need to enhance their beauty to remain in the spot light.In before pictures, her breast appear to be about A cup size and now they look like Cs.Expert plastic surgeons have commented on this issue and have confirmed that it is true that Hayden Panettiere has had plastic surgery procedures to enhance the size of her breasts.However, behind the scenes of the heavyweight clash, the Ukrainian boxer is already a champion, having won the heart of American actress Hayden Panettiere.She is most famous for her roles in TV shows Heroes and Nashville, but has been on the scene since 1998, starring as Dot in A Bug's Life.For some, the procedures are epic fails and others manage to succeed.

The pair met during a book launch event and soon began dating each other.She is best known for her role in the TV Series, Heroes where she played a cheerleader known as Claire Bennett.Hayden is also very popular for her role in Nashville and Kingdom Hearts.Hayden Panettiere is one of the prettiest actresses who has graced the glitzy world of Hollywood over the past few years.She broke on to the scene as a child star but her transformation into a blonde bombshell was a stunning one, as she became one of the of the teen idols in the world.

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