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Now in the 80's it was much different I think most would tend to agree?Wargod48 NP: Keldian - Heaven's Gate That's exactly right about the 80's.She says it calms him right down; because nobody should do something so terrible to his wife as drag her to Dio (in his opinion).

Welcome to our reviews of the heavy metal dating (also known as math worksheets for 4th grade).

From my own experience dating metalheads - it's fun for a few weeks then the crazy sets in. First girl I ever loved used to get just about every hair/sleaze/glam cd that came out. Funny thing is I'm friends with her on facebook and brought that up. Part I" (the one I didn't have on cassette) and some Nuclear Assault vinyls. I have meet quite a few guys that I tried to connect with and its general attitudes in general seem to get in the way of thing progressing.

Of course at the time (20's) that was what I was really attracted to. I have had casual relationships with guys in metal bands that are really cool and I get along with great.

There used to be one of those services; they were advertisers of ours at I joined, and it was awful. For every hot chick, there were 80 hard-looking leatherloined sea hags.

As if it mattered: the male-to-female ratio was literally 300 to 1. So you were guaranteed the fiercest of competition even if you DID find someone who fit your fancy.

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