Hibernate saveorupdate not updating who has chris klein dating

User Level VO [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,312 :org.hibernate.engine.Identifier Unsaved(Identifier Value.java:127): id unsaved-value: 0 [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,312 :org.hibernate.

Cookie Value Cookie(Cookie Value Persister.java:210): Unable to find Cookie with name=userprofile_form.email and request URI=/upbeat-app-skuld-web/ [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,308 :org.hibernate.engine.Abstract Save Event Entity State(Abstract Save Event Listener.java:546): detached instance of: com.skuldweb.domain.User Level VO [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,312 :org.hibernate. I am not sure how you create your Student but if you want to update you need to get the object from the database to have the id ( or if you know the id just set it) then update what you want while the object is in the persistance context and flush. Table; @Entity @Table(name = "student") public class Student if you want to update record you need to have it's id, Save Or Update looks for the id if it is in your table then it updates , if it is not then its add a new record.

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Hashtable Cache Provider hibernate.schema Update=true Here's some info from the log (on Submit() sets off these entries in the log -- the last entry should be when the request is being redirected to another page (after the record should have been updated). Open Session In View Filter.lookup Session Factory(Open Session In View Filter.java:239): Using Session Factory 'session Factory' for Open Session In View Filter [DEBUG] 2010-07-23 ,302 :org.springframework.beans.factory.support.

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