History predating christianity

Harald was attempting to unify the country by conquering all other lords and kings of Norway.

Many of the early settlers of this period were seafarers, including Erik the Red (Eirikur Rauthi), who discovered Greenland.

Feuds and civil war came to Iceland between 12, and by 1397, Iceland was under the dominion of Denmark.

Danish kings took control over the church, forcing Icelanders to abandon Catholicism for Danish Lutheranism.

According to the Landnamabok, or Book of Settlements, written in the twelfth century, Arnarson was a chieftain from Norway.

It is often referred to as "the Land of Fire and Ice" because of its glaciers and volcanoes.

In 1993, 264,000 persons lived in Iceland, residing mainly in towns located on its 5,000 kilometer coastline.

Iceland began to move toward a national identity during the nineteenth century.

The National Library of Iceland was established in 1818, followed by the Icelandic National Museum in 1863 and the National Archives in 1882.

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