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I can find no reference to this model in any of the old Hofner catalogues that are available to me.

My guess is that it was a model produced by Hofner for a large retailer (such as Sears in the US) to be sold under the retailer's brand-name.

The following picture-sets of Hofner archtop and semi-acoustic guitars have been sent to me over the years by their owners.

This has allowed me to present a much greater range of models and vintages than encompassed by my own collection, and maybe this will help other visitors to the site to identify and date their own Hofner.

It also has a totally different type of neck, which seems very similar to that used on the early 1960's Hofner solids and which is bolted to the body instead of using a glued joint as is usual with the Club guitars.

In addition, the headstock is of the 6-a-side type.

Walter Hofner was very interested in guitar circuitry, and this was no doubt just one of his projects.

The 1260 was basically a 126 Club-Style guitar fitted with a transistorised amplifier circuit, a battery, and a small loudspeaker.

A very rare guitar that does seem to be an attempt at recreating the "Club" style of a small single cutaway semi-acoustic.Some versions in the late 50's/early 60's were characterized by the celluloid rhomboid shape on the headstock.Early ones just had a plain varnished headstock without fascia.I haven't been able to find any reference to it in any Hofner catalogue.Very few are in existence, and the controls and electrical circuitry seem to vary between examples.

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Evidence of this is provided by the fact that there is no Hofner logo anywhere on the guitar, apart from on the pickup (Type 510) casings.

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