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The Homestar Runner and Marzipan Extra Real Dating Sim XR is a Homestar Runner/Marzipan dating simulator accessible from the Strong Bad Email date.It was apparently made by Strong Bad himself, according to the game's title screen, and the fact that all the statements for "??? Mike Chapman provides the characters' voices, making them sound like their Powered by The Cheat counterparts. The games listed there are: There are also other games that don't appear on the Homestar Runner games menu, which are old games, games that appeared on another page or in the cartoons. Here's a list of all of the games recently available on the games section: Chosing "Old Games" on the above menu brings you to the "Super Old Games-n-Such" menu, a modified version of the previous games menu, modeled after an old Nintendo Game and Watch." from Boston in "the state Boston's in" wants to know what Strong Bad thinks happens when Homestar and Marzipan go out on a date. Live from Marshmallow's Last Stand, Homestar is trying (and failing) to entertain Marzipan by playing a game where she has to guess if he's going to say "Sid Hoffman" or "Sid Frenchman" (and not playing very fair, since Homestar ends up saying "Sid Hoffrenchman").

You're just bein' sore 'cause you're losin'" "Ok, i'll go with Sid Hoffmann." "Sid Hoff Frenchman.

'I still don't understand women, but I think when they yell 'HAAIII' it means they like the dress they're wearing.'Considering just gameplay, I'd go with the Sid Hoffman/Sid Frenchman game.

I'll just put a funny Dilbert quote down here, shall I?

Audition with Marzy isn't that good, either, and, granted, nor is the astrolite.

Didn't care for pigs-on-head or 50k racewalker either._________________"Sid Hoffmann, or Sid Frenchman?

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