Im mexican dating black guy dating overseas women

believe me I know there are lazy white guys out there too.

most people when the date out of their race dont see the color of the persons skin but they see the persons heart.

doesnt mean they dont have a good heart in the inside and they say well they are into gangs. their all the same in the inside and if they are like they are are fault. My opinion thouqh, Sorry, I was suffering heavily from my pedanticitis when I addressed you.

Take into consideration these are the jaded words of one who has been chided by so many anglo females on account of his freckled veneer that he is seriously considering entering the monastery or Richard Simmons' harem, whichever will have him. Why do you loathe your melanin challenged adherents so?

sometimes they date them because they see them as a trophy, like a status symbol.

and some white women date black men because it's still the taboo thing to do, and it's exciting because it's different.

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I prefer Mexican or black, or anything but white guys most of the time and im white! He doesn't sound like a winner but to be fair, I really don't think most of us knew exactly what we wanted in life at 20.

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