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This stuff is hard enough without us introducing careless errors. Those of you who were tearing your hair out in frustration can now stop.Bracket expressions introduce our first metacharacters, in this case the square brackets which allow us to define list of things to test for rather than the single characters we have been checking up until now.The ^ (circumflex or caret) inside square brackets negates the expression (we will see an alternate use for the circumflex/caret outside square brackets later), for example, [^Ff] means anything except upper or lower case F and [^a-z] means everything except lower case a to z.Notes: NOTE: There are some special range values (Character Classes) that are built-in to most regular expression software and have to be if it claims POSIX 1003.2 compliance for either BRE or ERE.An escape sequence is a way of indicating that we want to use one of our metacharacters as a literal.In a regular expression an escape sequence involves placing the metacharacter \ (backslash) in front of the metacharacter that we want to use as a literal, for example, if we want to find (s) in the target string window(s) then we use the search expression \(s\) and if we want to find \file in the target string c:\file then we would need to use the search expression \\file (each \ we want to search for as a literal (there are 2) is preceded by an escape sequence \).These lists can be grouped into what are known as Character Classes typically comprising well known groups, such as all numbers etc.Match anything inside the square brackets for ONE character position, once and only once.

The iteration meta characters can also be used in conjunction with parenthesis meta characters.The following is a list of metacharacters that affect the position of the search: The ^ (circumflex or caret) when not used inside square brackets (where it has a diffent meaning) means look only at the beginning of the target string, for example, ^Win will not find Windows in STRING1 but ^Moz will find Mozilla.The following is a set of iteration metacharacters (a.k.a.Check the results in our Regular Expression Tester.We can control where in our target strings the matches are valid.

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