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And to help her get into the mood even more she removes her shorts and top so that she's all nude except for her long blue socks.

Then, lying back on the bed where this gorgeous creature spends most of her nights alone (what a shame!

Between boyfriends when this video was shot, you can tell Maddy hasn't had sex for a while.

She uses her dildo to get in real deep, while rubbing her pussy raw.

Maddy proceeds to slowly fuck her slick pussy with her little vibrator, pushing it against her very erect clitoris, and slipping it in and out of her hole.

She then rolls over and pretends to be riding her lover as she humps her vibrator until she has a sweet orgasm!

When she and Robb were dating he noted how much she liked to masturbate, often preferring her own fingers because "they know what to do." Now that the couple has a platonic relationship, Robb (he admits he still has a thing for her) wanted to stay in on the action.Before printing or saving content you can add a note, eliminate images, increase or decrease font size, and eliminate text to save ink and paper.What could possibily be better than having a pretty roommate that likes to masturbate? Here's Madeline, a petite 23 year old, who shares a two bedroom apartment with Robb.So he got a couple of small concealed cameras and placed them in the bedroom.One thing led to another, and Robb met up with Team Solowife.

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I added a digital zoom toward the end to get a closer look of that pure pleasure on her face as her body melts with her cum.

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