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We managed to record a little of our own video in the course of it, posted on You Tube at: Video Shoot - Sterling Sound Stage - Nov 19/16.

We'll be back to the real mission, speleology, next weekend.

Removal of it will reduce foraging opportunities for trogloxene biota, such as Eleutherodactylus cundalli (frogs), Uvaroviella cavicola (cave crickets), and change the cave ventilation.

The site must remain free of trash." We'll visit the site for monitoring again before tourism starts, and periodically afterwards.

A pdf of the visuals for the presentation can be found at JCO at the WRA (124 MB PDF).

It includes some hydrological maps that might be of interest.

We'll produce an updated version soon that includes new data for the Jackson Bay Caves recorded by the JCO in 2014-2015.

he report for Dromilly Cave, July 16, 2016, was forwarded to NEPA this morning.

On Sunday, we'll be at Hollymount, Mount Diablo, for recon of unlisted sinkholes we've recently received information about.

(Nov 2/16)tewart and Kouwenberg were at the western end of Jackson Bay Cave, Entrance 9, on Sunday, Oct 30.

A video of the outing can be streamed at Jackson Bay Great Cave - The Queens Series - You Tube or downloaded from our server at Jackson Bay Great Cave - The Queens Series - Download (404 MB MP4). (Oct 29/16)tewart presented a one hour talk on caves and the JCO at the Water Resources Authority in Kingston on Monday, October 24.

This includes not removing formations that have previously broken and are laying on the floor.

Good vegetative cover (plants, shrubs, trees) external to the cave will be maintained, especially around the entrance.

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