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Although it’s unclear what androgyny has to do with sexual orientation, this is still a promising tidbit of information because Zoe Saldana is really hot, talented and famous.As noted by Madame Noire: The androgyny comment isn’t really the surprise here as Zoe has often referred to herself as a “natural tomboy,” but how that translates into raising children with a woman we’re not quite sure.All she had to do was get a little frisky and wild on stage.She shook dat heavenly booty for all of us witness: This babe can’t seem to keep her clothes and her admirers love that about her. She loves to flaunt her ass, titties, and gorgeous figure everywhere she goes.Being characteristically male and female and being homosexual or bisexual are two different things so I’m not sure if we should consider this Zoe’s mild coming out or assume ol’ girl is just tired of saying the same thing on the press circuit and decided to throw something out there just to get folks (like us) talking.Despite its lack of relevance to the Scissoring Issue, Zoe’s allegiance to tomboyhood has always been inspirational to many queer tomboys.After a long tiring day at the office, there is no one better to jerk off to than this thick-girl Rihanna nude pics. She has the perfect face and body to “unload” all your stresses away.

We need to warm up our dragon before we unleash it’s FIRE…She is even a fan of “freeing the nipple”, she practically started that trend!This fishnet top looks wonderful on her: Thankfully there are great citizens of this country and photographers who relentless follow her around and just happen to be at the right place, at the right time… They don’t get enough credit for their hard work and diligence.Zoe had a 10-year relationship with Keith Britton before she hooked up with Bradley Cooper.Are you ready to wank, instead of “work, work, work, work, work”?!

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