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We are not allowed to apply heat to things in order to change them in any way.

Yet the word halacha does not literally translate as "law," for it comes from the root halach, which means "to go," "to walk." Halacha means "a path." It is not about cold do's and don't's, but about movement.

Plan to visit friends and neighbors nearby, or arrange to meet with them halfway, or at the park on Shabbat afternoon.

On Shabbat, we avoid weekday activities such as shopping, and thus money is Muktzah, among the objects that have no purpose on Shabbat and thus are not to be moved.

The ideas are within reach; grasping them means heading in the right direction. At one point, God instructs them to build a Mishkan, the portable sanctuary that would hold, among other things, the tablets of the Ten Commandments.

This Mishkan would be carried by the Jewish people throughout their journey.

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