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He even goes so far as to lie to Susan and say that he was breaking it off with Edie, which led to him and Susan having sex.

It is made obvious that Karl is still in love with Susan, as shown by several pictures of her that he secretly keeps around the house for him to look at from time to time.

However, he returned to his guest starring status from the third season until his character's death halfway through the sixth season.

Burgi returned for the series finale, appearing as his character's ghost among other deceased characters.

Their divorce was finalised on 2 October that year.

While she has been married twice – once to Brad Pitt and once to Theroux – she was also once engaged to Tate Donovan, but they never made it up the aisle.

Bree overhears from the kitchen and lets out a sigh of relief.

Later in the season, Karl offers to marry Susan when she needs a life-saving surgery so that she can use his health insurance to pay for it, but they plan to divorce soon after Susan's surgery. Ron Mc Cready's relationship and he knows that Susan had not yet mentioned her and Mike's past, so Karl breaks open a pipe under the sink and Ron gets Mike and he learns that Susan had lied to him and Karl watched happily as Ron dumped her.

This backfires when he gets mad at Susan for dating Ian Hainsworth, a married English man whose wife is in a coma.

Karl returns when Susan meets him at a Lamaze class as his pregnant new wife, Marissa (played by Sunny Mabrey), was there; Mike was not there as he was receiving his 30 days chip.

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