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Formulation and understanding of this terrible paradox devastated me.I had always been convinced that sufficient understanding of a problem—any problem—would lead to its resolution.If it isn’t homicide, then there’s no real argument for prohibiting it.If it is homicide, then we need to discuss more seriously what should be done to put an end to it.When the Twitter Mob Came for Me Williamson is surprisingly controversial and incendiary for someone who the far-right deems a ‘cuck’ and is a ‘never-trumper’.I have a lot of respect for Williamson’s realism and unabashed style, and many of his ideas are correct or make sense, although his views on abortion are possibly inconsistent with his libertarian tendencies.

If I’d been hired for a new job at some conservative outlet, you can be sure there would have been talk about how I pray each night for the death of the white working class.

Also, abortion has few externaltities, being that it involves only a single entity, the fetus.

On the other hand, playing loud music in one’s apartment has many more externaltities, those being the annoyed neighbors.

Capital punishment is state-administered, which goes against libertarian ethos.

Anti-abortion does not imply pro-death penalty for abortions.

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