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These amazing aggregates are called micelles, and are the foundation for many biological functions.They are also useful for many functions such as cleansing, emulsion stabilization, targeted and/or controlled release drug delivery, formation of liquid crystalline structures and many other applications.Although other early human fossils had been discovered at that time, such as Neanderthals in Europe and Homo erectus in Asia, the African link at the centre of our own evolution hadn't been established yet. It belongs to species Homo heidelbergensis, which has also been known as Homo rhodesiensis.Charles Darwin had predicted in the 1870s that humans evolved in Africa because that was where our closest living relatives, the African apes, were.Eventually, if the concentration of amphiphilic material is increased, the surface of the solution becomes saturated, and an intriguing phenomenon occurs.

This hydrogen bonding forms a tightly stretched molecular film at the interface between air and the liquid.It belongs to the ancient human species Homo heidelbergensis.The skull belonged to an adult, probably male, and has a massive brow bridge and large face. Homo heidelbergensis lived around 600,000 to 250,000 years ago.'It is still regularly studied, and I have been collaborating for several years with an international team working on dating it more accurately - we hope to publish our results later this year'.'The Broken Hill skull it important because is the most complete and best preserved skull of Homo heidelbergensis, the species that gave rise to our own,' says Museum curator of vertebrates Rob Kruszynski.

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  1. Their results were 'two to three times less accurate than implied by the range of error they stated.' They thought the variations might have been caused by poor laboratory standards allowing contamination of the samples.

  2. Francis Xavier Church on the North Side of Pittsburgh in early 1977. Hearing that the Thompson family was financially strapped, and that Diana’s husband Tom was an Army veteran who had serious medical and emotional problems, Father Newell gave Diana a part-time job cleaning which included cleaning the bathrooms. This work and the income she earned from her other job at a nearby print shop helped put food on the table and covered the parochial school tuition for her oldest son, Frank Labiaux, age 12, her daughter Betty Anne Labiaux, age 11, and her youngest son, Bernard Thompson, age 8. The grooming of the Thompson family started almost immediately after Father Cipolla met Diana and her children. Cipolla stepped in and volunteered to do the baptisms.