Ladder theory of dating

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But even though Neanderthals used pigments and decorated themselves with eagle claws and shells, there was no clear proof that they painted caves.

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This is, in a way, breathtaking on its own.” Other experts agree with the dates and that the timing means the art must have been created by Neanderthals.

There’s no fossil evidence of modern humans in Spain that long ago, says John Hawks a paleoanthropologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who wasn’t involved in the research. “The results are just, ‘Hey, Neanderthals were making these things, and you didn’t know it.’” We don’t know why the Neanderthals painted these images or what they mean, but there’s one thing they show clearly: Neanderthals and their modern human relatives weren’t as different as we thought.

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By figuring out the age of the crusts, they’d know They found the oldest dates for three paintings — the outline of a hand, red-painted stalactites, and a ladder-like geometric shape — in three different caves that had been occupied by archaic human species.

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