Law of dating

When I first started trying to meet girls, it seemed like I could never win the heart of the one I went after.

There was a direct correlation between how hard I tried and how miserably I failed.

The first thing that comes to mind is physical attractiveness: being in good shape, being well groomed, having attractive features, or dressing well.

Some scientists think that attractiveness is related to the symmetry of our facial features.

While there are different types of intelligence, for the sake of this discussion I am referring to people who are “book smart” (meaning they do well in school).

At the very lowest levels of intelligence, attractiveness is also low for obvious reasons.

While different people have different preferences, physical attractiveness is something that is very intuitive.

I imagine that spiritual attractiveness starts to diminish as intelligence increases past this first level.Others have complex theories about the spacing of features.Science aside, most people agree to some extent on what makes someone physically attractive.At the risk of sounding like my entire philosophy is based on the movie “Swingers,” it illustrates this point perfectly.Mike, played by John Favreau, is obsessed with his ex-girlfriend through most of the movie.

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Sexual attraction is a complex phenomenon that we may never fully understand.

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