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Linq Data Source Update Event Args) Handles have To Offer Linq Data Source.

In this tutorial I will be covering how to use Linq Data Source with Grid View control to retrieve all the products from North Wind database.

I am attempting to update an SQL 2005 table from a gridview.

The table has a unique index on two fields, Person ID and Email Type ID.

Then, in my gridview, I set the Data Key Names to the new Email Record ID column.

I have a grid view in an update panel, similar to the ajax popup menu example in the ajax sample site. Name current Profile User Id = CType(User IDBy User Name(user Name String), Guid) End If If Not current Profile User Id = Guid. Result = Have To Offer By User ID(current Profile User Id) Else e. Updating Dim new Object As have To Offer Table = Direct Cast(e.

What this allows me to do is display all the products the first time page load as shown below. Since i am specifying my columns manually i am turning of autogeneration of columns by setting autogenerate columns to false.

I am also setting allow sorting and allowpaging to true for the grid to be pagable and sortable.

Since i am also allowing sorting on the gridview, i also retrieving the raw Unit Price from the database because i cannot sort by custom column defined in my partial class. Here is how product datasource and partial product class looks like.Also, to have the update actually occur, I had to write the code in the LINQData Source_Updating event, though I was lead to believe the update would happen automatically. here is the code from the aspx page: Protected Sub have To Offer Linq Data Source_Selecting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Row Updating End Sub but I can't seem to expose any exception class from e. and I only have two properties in my codebehind How can I trap the exception? I think I have ran into that problem and I needed to make sure there was a unique column on the database table.For example, I was using the Person ID and Email Type ID columns for the primary key.

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In order for the linq datasource to filter the products based on the category selected, I am applying the where clause by using where parameters that gets its value from the category dropdown control.

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