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Common sense precautions should be taken however when arranging to meet anyone face to face for the first time.You can also find new friends through our own privately hosted email system.For many, many years they are not allowed to rest or lie down.

Tibetan traditions add another eight major hells, layering eight cold hells above the eight standard hot hells, all having sixteen secondary hells — or 272 hells.

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For instance, specifically for the Sixth Court of Hell: “all dwellers upon earth who on the eighth day of the third moon, fasting, register a vow from that date to sin no more, and on the fourteenth and fifteenth of the fifth moon, the third of the eighth moon, and the tenth of the tenth moon, to practice abstinence, vowing, moreover, to exert themselves to convert others — these shall escape the bitterness.”One prominent way to avoid these punishments is to undertake the printing and distribution of these very texts so that they serve as a warning to all.

People are encouraged to expand the works for the greater edification of the living with the result that in later texts sin is piled on sin in each of the hells.

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