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The macro used will take the bare expression and put it in an if statement, then within the statement block it will enclose the expression in double quotations to yield the representative string, while inserting the line number at which the assertion line was mentioned in the source file, plus the source file name, using special macro directives that are simply substituted with such information before compilation.

To learn more about C macros, refer to the famous Kernoghan/Richie's book "The ANSI C Programming Language", the explanations are brief but thorough.

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A very valuable technique to gain a thorough understanding of the operation of macros in any environment is to learn how to obtained the preprocessed source code, and see how the macro directives are expanded.

Preprocessor macros, because of their distinctive nature compared to compiled code, are powerful tools in programming, and that's why the concept of macros is applied in most programming languages, such as the C programming language, and the assmebly language (where each assembler provides its own macro directives).

Macros should not be confused with other compiled code, and they should be used only while bearing in mind how they work, namely by modifying the source code prior to passing it to the compiler.

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